Best Attractions And Things To Do With Kids In Louisiana

With approximate 52,000 square miles to explore and more than 20 state parks to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a Louisiana attraction to keep the family entertained on a road trip to the Pelican State.

Many of these festivals have hands-on experiences for children and food and music that appeal to almost anyone.

Attend a Festival

New Orleans offers several tours that cater to horror buffs, although you might want to ask the company you select if they think the tour is too intense for younger children.

Experience Ghosts and the Supernatural

Most of them provide activities or host events periodically during the year. Not every park is an empty stretch of wilderness, marked only with nature trails and beaches.

Explore the National and State Parks

Louisiana is host to a dozen annual birding festivals, many with things for even small children to do.

Bird Watching

Bring a little of Cajun history to life for your children at Vermilionville, located in Lafayette. The park’s 23 acres contain 18 structures, forming a historic village.

Look for extras from your tour company, such as dinner at the plantation, served in the grand dining room, and the style of its operating days.

Plan a Plantation Tour

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