Epic Colorado Mountain Views You Can’t Miss 

Here’s a fun fact for you: Colorado’s mountain area is six times the size of Switzerland. Yes, six times as big as an entire country!

Thanks to its advantageous location, this wonderful alpine locale has plenty of fun activities on offer when it comes to a perfect alpine escape.


With so many to offer, choosing a trail isn’t an easy feat, but great ones to get started with are the Emerald Lake trail, Alberta Falls, and Glacier Gorge.


While exploring, you can choose from a range of beautiful hiking trails (Boulder is home to over 200 miles of trails!) and go in search of some of the most beautiful views around.


Famed for its world-class skiing resorts, this cozy little town is both known for its outdoor activities as well as its luxurious feel, offering some of the best mountain views in Colorado.


As expected from a Colorado mountain town, Salida offers tons of fun outdoor activities such as hiking, mountaineering, and even white water rafting.


With an elevation of over 10,000 feet above sea level, Leadville is the tallest town in the United States, which pretty much guarantees epic mountain views just about anywhere you stand.


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