Plan The Perfect Grand Canyon Family Trip In 2023

There’s no more spectacular and recognizable natural landmark in the US than the Grand Canyon. A visit to the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona’s northwestern region can be a family trip of a lifetime.

Maybe not the degree of planning as a Disney World vacation, but you do need to book well in advance for your preferred choice of dates and accommodation.

Need To Know Before Visiting The Grand Canyon

Here’s what we suggest you have on your itinerary for the park – noting you don’t have to start at the visitor center; you can tackle the key attractions in any order!

Things To Do At Grand Canyon National Park

The Grand Canyon National Park has some great options for hiking.

Hiking The South Rim

If hiking doesn’t appeal to the kids, what about biking? The Greenway section of the Rim trail, between the Visitor Center and the South Kaibab trailhead, is paved with no vehicular traffic.

Bike The Rim

This is a fascinating stop for junior geology lovers. The 3D map is a great study to put the size and grandeur into perspective.

Visit Yavapai Geology Museum 

One of the best activities for kids is picking up a junior range booklet from the visitor center and completing the junior ranger activities to earn a badge.

Become A Junior Ranger

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