Exciting Stops On A Houston To Big Bend National Park Road Trip

Big Bend National Park is arguably one of the top natural wonders of the state and a perfect place to visit on road trip in Texas! 

It’s about 600 miles between Houston and Big Bend National Park. Depending on whether you take some detours, this could add more miles to the trip.


A non-stop drive between Houston and Big Bend National Park would take about 10 hours. Although this is doable in a day if you start early, we’d highly recommend taking the drive a bit slower and breaking it up into a few sections.

driving time

Spring is considered the ideal time of year to visit Big Bend National Park, thanks to the pleasant weather.

Best Time of Year to Drive

Known as the Alamo City, San Antonio has a unique combination of modernity and history that blend to create a fun and diverse atmosphere.

San Antonio

Best Stops

Although visiting Austin requires a slight detour from the shortest route between Houston and Big Bend National Park, we’d highly recommend adding this stop to your trip.


This picturesque state park is about an hour from Austin and a perfect stop to stretch your legs (or spend a night camping if you’re looking for more adventure!).

Pedernales Falls State Park

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