How Far Is The Grand Canyon From Las Vegas?

If you’re up for the road trip of your lifetime, we are more than ready to guide you about everything for your drive from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon.

The distance from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon is approximately 252 miles.

How Far is Grand Canyon from Las Vegas?

Assuming you’re entering from the South Entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park, these are some suggested stops you can make along the way.

Interesting Stops Between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

It has more than 300 sites to visit, which include extinct volcanoes, lava flows, and 1700 designs on 300 rock panels made by the natives who inhabited this place decades ago.


Take in the mesmerizing view, look at the water levels on each side of the dam, head into the Hoover Dam Visitor Center and take a tour to learn about its history and why it was constructed.


This place has 7 miles of loop trails where you can hike, bike, and horse-ride your way amidst volcanic rock formations and Mojave desert vegetation.

It is a small town but is quite significant because from here you can take a train all the way to the Grand Canyon!


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