5 Most Interesting Scenic Drives In New Jersey

Despite its small size, New Jersey is filled with some of the best scenery. New Jersey scenic drives are filled with winding roads, miles of diverse landscapes, and picturesque towns.

It has breathtaking views of the mountains and rivers, thrilling activities, and historical and cultural treasures.

Warren Heritage Scenic Byway

Spend a few hours or the whole day exploring historic riverside towns, scenic landscapes, forests, and cliffs.

Delaware River Scenic Byway

Spend an hour admiring the tranquil scenery filled with sustainable farmlands, wineries, and streams. Route 15 might be short, but it’s a beautiful drive to take during the fall.

Route 15 – NJ Route 15, US 206

Offers some of the best views in New Jersey, with beautifully preserved historic homes, farms, and other colonial architecture along your route.

Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Byway

It offers impressive views of the Palisades Cliffs and the New York City Skyline, and there are also many recreational activities for families along the way.

Palisades Scenic Byway

Many believe this is the best place to view the New York City skyline, and it’s also great for birdwatching, sightseeing, hiking, and skiing in the winter.

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