Most Beautiful Small Towns In Alaska To Visit

If you’re planning a road trip to Alaska and want to create a well-rounded itinerary that includes the best of all worlds, here’s a list of some of the best small towns in Alaska to check out!

Like most places in Alaska, Skagway is surrounded by beautiful nature. Hiking is a prime activity here, with easy trails available as well as challenging 33-mile hikes!


For an over head view, try a floatplane Flightseeing tour to truly experience all the surrounding mountains, lakes, and waterfalls.


A great gateway to explore nature in its full splendor. There are plenty of hiking trails around the village where wildlife viewings are guaranteed.


During your visit, you can take a walk along the beach to see tidepools where sea life like sea stars love hanging out.


The highlight of Sewards is the Alaska Sealife Center, where you can meet rescued animals like harbor seals, puffins, and sea lions while they recover. A definite add to your Alaska bucket list.


Set in Prince William Sound, Valdez is a place where beautiful glaciers, mountains, forests, wine, and delicious food come together.


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