7 Most Incredible Scenic Drives In Oahu

Known for its stunning shores, its unbeatably beautiful landscapes, and incredibly lush terrain, going on a scenic drive in Oahu is as gorgeous as it gets.

You’ll find a parking lot and a viewpoint from where you can catch beautiful views of the ocean dotted by tiny islets, as well as airplanes landing and taking off.

Lagoon Drive

Gorgeous ocean vistas are the staples of this road, and you may very well have to pinch yourself to realize you aren’t dreaming!

Highway 3

This incredibly popular scenic Oahu drive starts in downtown Honolulu and ends at the famous Pali Lookout, a viewpoint that provides mesmerizing views of the southern side of Oahu.

Pali Highway

This scenic road is actually an addition to the popular Honolulu to Kaneohe road, but most people don’t really know you can continue onwards.

Windward Oahu

For those who aren’t in a rush, you’ll be able to find tons of beautiful beaches scattered all along the highway.

As you make your way to the final viewpoint, you’ll be treated to striking views of Hanauma Bay, Diamond Head, and the Tantalus Quarry and Lava Tube.

Tantalus Round Top Drive

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