Road Trip From San Francisco To Seattle – Most Scenic PNW Stopping Points

A road trip through the Pacific Northwest is a spectacular trip to take with your family. The combination of mountains, beaches, coastal cliffs, and forests come together to form an amazing scenic drive.

It’s about 820 miles between San Francisco and Seattle direct on the I-5.

Distance From San Francisco To Seattle

The shortest route to drive from San Francisco to Seattle follows I-5, which is a more inland drive. If you were to drive straight without making any stops, this route would take about 13 hours.

How Long Is The Drive From San Francisco To Seattle? 

In this run-down of the best stops to make while driving from San Francisco to Seattle, we’ve included places both on the shorter I-5 route and the Pacific Highway.

Best Stops On A San Francisco To Seattle Road Trip

There are lots of charming little towns where you can go on wine tasting tours, check out local shops and bakeries, or just relax in the pleasant natural surroundings.

Sonoma County, California

The quaint, historic downtown of Fort Bragg has lots of local artisan shops, nice bed & breakfasts, and fun museums for people of all ages.

Fort Bragg, California

The charming historic city of Eureka is known for its Victorian architecture and beautiful mansions. Sandwiched between the rugged northern California coast and the majestic redwood trees, the natural scenery is spectacular!

Eureka, California

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