San Diego To Joshua Tree National Park Road Trip 

On a trip from San Diego to the iconic national park, there are numerous world-famous hiking trails, natural wonders, and SoCal attractions to explore together as a family for a memorable vacation. 

The distance from San Diego to Joshua Tree National Park is roughly 150 miles by car.

Distance from San Diego to Joshua Tree

You will only need a day for a nonstop drive from San Diego to Joshua Tree National Park, as it only takes a few hours to reach your destination.

How Long do I Need Driving San Diego to Joshua Tree?

The best time of year to visit Joshua Tree National Park from San Diego is from November to February, during the colder months.

Best Time of Year to Drive from San Diego to Joshua Tree

In this detailed San Diego to Joshua Tree road trip guide, we’ll show you points of interest along the Borrego Springs route to avoid traffic!

Best Stops on a San Diego to Joshua Tree Road Trip

The park is home to 17 museums, numerous botanical gardens, and other noteworthy spots to enjoy with the family.

San Diego – Balboa Park

The Pacific Crest Trail is an extensive trail that runs from Mexico to Canada and aligns with portions of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Mountain ranges.

Pacific Crest Trail

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