8 Superb Scenic Drives In Illinois

You can plan to spend a week or simply take a day trip from Chicago. There’s so much to explore on scenic drives in Illinois that everyone in the family will have fun on the road.

Get out and stretch your legs along the great river by exploring the beautiful landscape.

Great River Road

Beginning in Marshall you’ll be treated to gorgeous views, lovely towns, and historic sites all the way to East St. Louis and the great Mississippi River.

Historic National Road

Idolized in music, movies, and shows, it’s the grand master when it comes to American road trips, lovingly nicknamed the “Mother Road”.

Historic Route 66

You’ll be treated to one of the best scenic drives in Illinois, passing beautiful farmlands and natural landscapes.

Illinois Lincoln Highway

Everyone in the family will love exploring the Starved Rock State Park. There are plenty of hiking trails for every level and the 14 waterfalls in the park are a great reward.

Illinois River Road

This drive will take you to the place where the great Illinois River and Missouri River meet the great Mississippi River.

Meeting of the Great Rivers

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