7 Superb Scenic Drives in Missouri Not to Miss

With a rich history and a diverse landscape, Missouri is full of surprises when it comes to traveling. From iconic landmarks like the Gateway Arch to incredible natural scenery like the Ozark mountains, driving in Missouri will never be a boring experience.

Distance: 5 miles Time Needed: 20 minutes to a few hours if you plan on stopping

Missouri Scenic Drives: Cliff Drive

Starting out short and sweet, the Cliff Drive located in Kansas City, is one of Missouri’s designated state scenic byways. Although it may not take long to drive, this stretch of road is packed with history and beautiful views.

Distance: 7 miles Time needed: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Missouri Scenic Drives: Ozark Mountain Highroad

This Missouri byway will lead you right into Branson, which is one of the most popular destinations in the Ozark Mountains. The Highroad is state highway 465, which is accessible about five miles north of Branson.

Distance: 28 miles Time needed: 45 minutes to 1 day if you want to explore

Missouri Scenic Drives: Ozark Mountain Parkway

The Ozark Mountain Parkway is truly a stunning scenic byway in Missouri, thanks to the incredible views of the mountains and wide range of wildlife.

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