Scenic Drives In Wisconsin For Your Wishlist 

The top five scenic drives in Wisconsin provide diverse landscapes and experiences. You can meander along the coast of Lake Superior, through the lush farmland in Door County, or follow the great Mississippi.

Providing some of the most beautiful Wisconsin scenery, it passes through 33 different towns, each with great things to do and see.

Scenic Drives in Wisconsin: Great River Road (WIS 35) 

You’ll love stopping to enjoy the greatness of mother nature with the rolling farmlands and rocky bluffs along the river’s shores.

Scenic Drives in Wisconsin: Lower Wisconsin River Road (WIS 60)

If your family is the outdoorsy kind, Door County is perfect for your next drive in Wisconsin.

Scenic Drives in Wisconsin: Door County Coastal Byway (WIS 42 and 57)

The byway travels past 3 state parks, 10 county parks, and a ton of town parks and beaches. A must-do is to get a view from the Peninsula State Park’s observation tower.

Along the way, you’ll see changes in the coastline from rocky to sandy with great fishing villages.

Scenic Drives in Wisconsin: Wisconsin Lake Superior Scenic Byway (WIS 13)

The byway is filled with tons of opportunities to get out into nature by hiking, kayaking, and even ATVing.

Scenic Drives in Wisconsin: Nicolet-Wolf River Scenic Byway  (WIS 55, 32, 70 and 52)

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