5 Spectacular Scenic Drives In Pennsylvania

Many of these routes are exceptionally breathtaking in the fall, but you can truly enjoy them almost year-round. Let’s dive into the most scenic drives in PA!

The Brandywine Valley Byway is full of beautiful landscapes, historic estates and architecture, and lush gardens.

Brandywine Valley Byway

If you’re searching for a unique way to enjoy the Pennsylvania scenery, take the self-guided Covered Bridge Tour in beautiful Bucks County.

Covered Bridge Tour

It’s one of the most scenic drives in Pennsylvania, and we recommend taking at least a week to experience all that Route 6 has to offer.

Pennsylvania Route 6 Scenic Drive

This picturesque route along the southern portion of the state has many noteworthy attractions along the way for everyone to enjoy.

Pennsylvania Route 30

This almost magical stretch of Pennsylvania scenery is both beautiful and historical, even featuring one of America’s most famous pieces of architecture.

Laurel Highlands Scenic Byway

This magnificent park features over 13,000 acres of lush forests and hiking trails. However, if you really want to test your walking stamina, try to complete the Laurel Highlands Trail – it’s nearly 70 miles long!

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