7 Unique Places To Visit In New York State

From the world’s largest kaleidoscope to abandoned castles standing on enchanting islands, here’s a list of some of the most unique places in New York you probably don’t know exist!

The castle’s ruins still remain as dreamy as ever, making them one of the most enchanting New York landmarks guaranteed to make you feel as though you’re walking inside a fairytale!

Bannerman Castle on Pollepel Island

This waterfall hides a grotto that emits a natural light, creating a natural flame that’s lit almost year-round and is visible behind the fall’s drape of cascading water.

Eternal Flames Falls

Swimming outside of carefully designated spots is not allowed due to the coral that lives at the bottom of the lakes, but visitors can spend their time here exploring the lakes on a boat.

Green Lakes State Park

During your visit to Herkimer, you’ll get to go on a scavenger hunt in search of these gems, and anything you find, you get to keep!

Herkimer Diamond Mines

Even though the building wasn’t completed, its abandoned ruins will remind you of a storybook castle!

The castle was the setting of many untimely deaths, including that of a man on the run, as well as Isabella, an opera star who passed away near its grounds.

Belhurst Castle

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