Virginia Scenic Drives & Byways You Will Love

From a road-tripper’s perspective, Virginia has it all – majestic mountain scenery, vast national and state parks, and a variety of roads in Virginia that you can travel in a few hours, days, or less than a week.

Thousands of people make this drive every year to enjoy its countless breathtaking views and recreational activities along the route.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Also known as Virginia’s Heritage Music Trail, the Crooked Road is arguably one of the state’s best scenic drives.

The Crooked Road

This is the perfect route for a weekend trip away, and both individuals and families will enjoy all there is to explore.

Journey Through Hallowed Ground Byway

Skyline Drive’s central portion, the land between Thornton Gap and Swift Run Gap, is a must-see. Here, you can access the highest point, numerous trails, lodges, and visitor centers.

Skyline Drive

From there, you can hike the Virginia Creeper Trail, watch wild ponies, and enjoy a wide range of outdoor recreational activities.

Mount Rogers Scenic Byway

Marvel at whitewater streams and hike up Whitetop Mountain, where you can view some of the oldest rocks on the planet.

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