7 Easy Quebec Road Trips To try This Year

There are numerous scenic drives originating from Quebec City that offer an opportunity to experience the diverse beauty of Québec beyond the city center of Quebec City.

Quebec is a remarkable Canadian province to explore, with its unique landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It offers a wide range of road trip options, from charming coastal drives to picturesque mountain routes. 

Québec City offers a variety of enjoyable activities for families with kids. However, there are occasions when one wants to escape the bustling city life and explore the numerous incredible attractions that await beyond Québec City.

So, gather your family, pack up the car, and embark on an exciting Québec road trip to discover the wonders of this remarkable eastern province.

If you are looking for fun and adventure, then check out these Quebec Road Trips that are perfect for a weekend. We also have included the distance and time it takes to reach that destination from Quebec City and Montreal, as depending how much time you have to explore will impact which road trip you choose.

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Easy Quebec Road Trips To try

1. Eastern Townships

  • Distance from Quebec City ~  214 km via Route Transcanadienne O/A 20 O
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 169 km via 10E

The Eastern townships of Quebec, known as “Les Cantons-de-l’Est,” offer natural landscapes, outdoor activities, and cultural attractions in the scenic countryside surrounded by vineyards and charming small towns. This region is known for having lots of summer festivals, farmers’ markets and local cuisine to enjoy Quebec’s agricultural produce and flavours. 

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - Eastern Townships

Bromont is a great stop in all seasons, as in the summer, you can explore hiking trails or visit the waterpark. In the winter, they are a popular choice for snowboarding, skiing and winter recreational activities.

If you are looking for relaxation, the Magog is the place to visit, as it has multiple lakeside parks that are perfect for picnics along the shoreline of Lake Memphremagog. The small town also has art galleries and boutiques to window shops. 

Knowlton is another charming small town with tree-lined streets and historic buildings that offer the perfect destination to get out of the car for a stroll. They are known for their antique shops and scenic views of Brome Lake.

Sherbrooke is the largest city in the Eastern townships and has a vibrant cultural scene. Stroll along Wellington Street, the main commercial street, and discover its boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants.  Check out some unique Canadian art pieces when you visit the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts or attend a performance at the Granada Theatre, which is an architectural gem. 

If you enjoy wine sampling, then the Eastern Townships is the perfect location for you to enjoy a scenic drive to enjoy the countryside along Route 243, Route 141, or Route 212, stopping at local wineries for tours and tastings. Some must-visit vineyards include Domaine Les Brome, Clos Saragnat, and Domaine de Lavoie.

Mont-Mégantic National Park is a great spot to enjoy hiking, biking, water sports and golfing. If you visit the area, you will want to check out the Estriade bike path, which is a flat route on a converted railway track that connects Granby to Waterloo. On the route, you’ll encounter beautiful landscapes, including rolling hills, open fields, and tree-lined sections, as well as rest stops with picnic tables.

2. Ile d’Orleans

  • Distance from Quebec City ~  293 km via QC-175N
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 292 km via A20

Enjoy the French island of Île d’Orléans, which has a rich history dating back to the 17th century, as you enjoy the beauty of the island countryside. Île d’Orléans is an island located in the St. Lawrence River, which is an agricultural gem of Quebec.

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - Ile d’Orleans

The soil on the island is excellent for growing produce, so as you bike along the country roads, be sure to stop by the strawberry fields, apple orchards, and produce stands to taste the delicious produce. There are also many excellent vineyards, such as Vignoble Isle de Bacchus, Cidrerie Verger Bilodeau, or Domaine de la Source à Marguerite, that are great spots to spend an afternoon and enjoy a wine tour.

Sainte-Pétronille is a great spot to go for a stroll. The island has multiple lookouts, such as Parc Maritime de Saint-Laurent, and observation viewpoints like Chemin Royal to view the river, bridges and Quebec City across the river.

If you enjoy shopping at small local boutiques, for handmade crafts and speciality food products then be sure to stop by Les Fromages de l’Isle d’Orléans, Chocolaterie de l’Île d’Orléans, or La Confiturerie Tigidou for delicious treats and souvenirs.

3. Fjord Route: Saguenay Fjord National Park

  • Distance from Quebec City ~  293 km via QC-175N
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 514 km via A20 and Qc-175

If you are departing from Quebec City, some places you may want to stop at Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré to see the historic basilica. Baie-Saint-Paul has many art galleries and boutiques to visit, and lastly, Tadoussac has stunning views of the St.Lawrence River and is a popular location to stop and try and see whales or other marine life on a boat tour.

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - Saguenay Fjord National Park

If you are departing from Montreal, you may want to stop in the charming old town of Trois-Rivières, which has quaint cafes, local shops and historic sites to explore. Saint-Félicien is another great stop if you want to check out Canadian wildlife like bears, wolves and caribou at the  Zoo Sauvage de Saint-Félicien.

Saguenay Fjord National Park has a landscape of steep cliffs, deep blue waters, and lush forests, creating a natural paradise. It is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a peaceful retreat in a natural setting. This national park is unique as it is located along the Saguenay Fjord, which has been carved over thousands of years by glaciers. The Saguenay Fjord extends 100 km (62 miles) inland from St. Lawrence and is quite the sight to see!  The fjord is one of the largest in the world, and the park helps protect a range of ecosystems: forests, cliffs and marine habitats while offering a great location for outdoor activities.

Visitors will enjoy the multiple vantage points throughout the park of the Fjords while they enjoy hiking. If you want to see marine wildlife up close then you can rent a canoe or kayak to explore the calm waters of this fjord. If you enjoy learning more about flora, fauna and geological history then stop by the interpretive center.

4. Route des Navigateurs (Navigator’s Route)

  • Distance from Quebec City ~  0km as Quebec City is in the middle of the route
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 152 km via 40E

This scenic Navigator’s route is located along the shoreline of the St.Lawrence River. This route has been shaped by centuries of navigation in the river that has created unique coastal towns that are unique to visit. The entire route is 492 km. 

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - Kamouraska

Starting from Montreal, you will want to head to Parc écomaritime de l’Anse-du-Port – Passerelles de Nicolet and explore the network of wooden boardwalks that are perfect for wildlife spotting. Nearby you will want to stop at the Sainte-Angele quay and check out the observation tower for breathtaking views of the St.Lawrence shoreline.

Kamouraska is a cute little village with charming architecture that offers a walking tour to visit historical sites such as the Miller Quay, Morel and Leblanc avenues and their historic buildings and the Paradis mill. During your visit, be sure to check out the riverfront promenade boutiques that offer unique souvenirs.

Get a different view of St. Lawrence from the water as you embark on a whale-watching tour starting from Rivière-du-Loup quay with Croisières AML. Also located nearby is Parc des Chutes which is home to a beautiful waterfall, hiking trails, a lookout and serene green space to enjoy!

If you want to continue exploring by water then check out a sea kayaking adventure in the Parc national du Bic with Aventures Archipel where you can view marine life up-close.

Learn more about the entire Navigator’s route with this virtual map that will help you plan out my entire route.

5. La Malbaie

  • Distance from Quebec City ~ 175 km via QC-138E
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 398 km via A20

La Malbaie is a hidden gem located in the Charlevoix region of Quebec, offering outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or culinary delights. La Malbaie is a luxury destination located along the St.Lawrence River, surrounded by mountains and rolling hills.

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - La Malbaie

This scenic resort village is an icon of luxury as it is home to the chateau-style Casino de Charlevoix if you want to take a chance on your luck, and the luxury five-star Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu. The hotel also features a golf course, and a spa, providing visitors with a wide range of activities and luxury amenities.

Foodies will love the gastronomy scene in Malbaie as it serves regional cuisine such as Charlevoix cheese, game meats, and fresh seafood in fine dining restaurants. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the  Parc National des Hautes-Gorges-de-la-Rivière-Malbaie, which has a landscape of steep cliffs and deep valleys perfect for hiking, camping and wildlife viewing.

Lastly, the area has a rich cultural history that you can learn more about at the Musée de Charlevoix, which teaches about the art and history of the area. Stroll through town to view the historic architectural treasures, such as the 19th-century church called Église Sainte-Agnès.

6. St.Gabriel de Valcartier 

  • Distance from Quebec City ~ 34 km via A. Henri-IV/A. 573 N and QC-371 N
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 271 km via A20

When starting out from Montreal, you will drive through the Laurentian Mountains and enjoy views of forests, lakes, and small towns like St.Jerome. This small town offers a great spot to enjoy outdoor activities at Parc régional de la Rivière-du-Nord or enjoy the art gallery of Musee d’art contemporain.

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - Mont-Tremblant

Your next stop is Mont-Tremblant, which is a popular ski hill in the winter, and in the summer, you can enjoy a variety of hiking trails, golfing, kayaking, biking, or take the gondola to the peak to enjoy the scenic views. Mont-Tremblant also has a small charming village that has unique shops and restaurants, so be sure to stop for a famous Quebec Dessert called the Beaver Tail (a fried pastry with toppings or cinnamon sugar) or find delicious poutine (another Canadian staple). 

Once you arrive at St.Gabriel de Valcartier, families will enjoy snow tubing and ice skating in the winter, and only a short drive away is the unique Hotel de Glace which is a hotel made of ice that you can either stay overnight or make a quick visit and enjoy a frosty drink and enjoy a Canadian favourite of frozen maple taffy.

7. Jacques Cartier National Park

  • Distance from Quebec City ~ 80 km via QC-175N
  • Distance from Montreal ~ 301 km via A20

Tourists will enjoy the scenic road trip through villages and countryside alongside the St.Lawrence River along the New France Route that links Old Quebec City and Cote de Beaupre. This historic route was used by inhabitants to move goods from Beaupre to Quebec City, so along the route you can visit many historic sites such as a windmill, Domaine de Maizerets, ancestral buildings in Bourg du Fargy.

CA 5+ Easy Road Trips From Quebec City - Jacques Cartier National Park

Along the route, make sure you stop to visit Montmorency Falls which are a spectacular sight in summer and winter, towering at 83m tall. You can take a cable car to the top of the cliff or walk across the suspension bridge, and adventurers can even take a zipline across the plunge pool.

Once you reach Jacques Cartier National Park, which is known for its beautiful landscape and outdoor activities, the Gardins-Jardins area of the park offers hiking trails and a magnificent Lac des Cygnes or the pristine Jacques Cartier River, where you can canoe, kayak, paddleboard and fish.

The Valley area has steep cliffs and impressive fjord-like landscapes that are perfect for viewing Canadian wildlife like moose, beavers and even bears. In the winter, the park is popular for cross-country skiers, snowshoe trekkers and sledders.

Top Tips For Planning Road Trip Ideas from Quebec City

Remember to plan your road trip ahead of time and consider the time of year and weather conditions before leaving. It’s also a good idea to check for any road closures or construction updates before you embark on your journey.

Enjoy exploring the beauty of Québec!

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