How To Get Sand Out Of Car Carpet: 3 Easy Steps

When out on a family road trip on the beach (or even the desert), you often think of bringing back a pretty souvenir from the beach. Sandy floor mats aren’t what we have in mind.

Sand can damage the paintwork and the moving parts of your car and is also extremely hard to eliminate. Sand’s highly abrasive nature also increases wear and tear in carpets, upholstery, and other delicate trims.

Read on if you are wondering how to get sand out of the car carpet. And also how to clean the car carpet.

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How To Get Sand Out Of Your Car Carpet

The key to getting the most sand is avoiding jumping straight into vacuuming. Instead, you should first use a horse hair brush as it is an excellent coarse brush and helps lift those pesky grains out of the carpet fibers. So, tag along if you want to learn the best way to clean car carpets.

Follow these steps for the best results: “how do I clean the carpet in my car?”

Step one:

Remove all your car mats and shake them off vigorously. When dealing with the carpet type, you will need to beat more vigorously. The longer you let the sand sit, the more it will work its way into the carpet fibers and the harder it will be to remove.

Step two:

Using a stiff-bristled brush such as an upholstery brush, comb your car carpet after you have laid it down. The act of combing your car carpet agitates and dislodges more invisible particles of sand. You can also use the brush on other parts of your car’s interior. Follow up with a microfiber towel or cloth or a dryer sheet. The drier sheet or microfibre towel will pick up the sand and any fur, hair, or dust.

Step three:

In this last step, you can now bring out your car vacuum cleaner. To get the maximum sucking action, you should opt for a smaller vacuum tip or just the end of the nozzle as you vacuum thoroughly and slowly.

The floor of car being vacuumed

Consider using a small can of compressed air; you do not need to worry if you don’t have a vacuum. Compressed air is an excellent way to get sand out of car crevices as it throws debris out into the open.

You can also opt for foam art brushes as they are small and malleable. This makes them perfect for how to remove sand when dealing with small spaces.

Another great way how to clean sand is to cover a screwdriver with a rag. Then use the small flat head of the tool to clean out sand from crevices and cracks.

While the above steps will help you know how to remove sand from your carpet, the best method for keeping your car interior clean is prevention.

Tips To Prevent Sand Getting In The Car

Sand is a part of being at the beach. But it is not fun when you take it into your car. Of course, it is impossible to stay sand-free while on the beach. And there are also some cool tricks to keep sand off your kids after a beach trip.

Salt air and sand are some of your car’s worst enemies. Car sand can find its way into crevices of your car interior and scratch your paint job. And the salty beach air can stick to your paint and cause rust. Here are a few ways to prevent sand from getting in the car.

1. Get All-Weather Floor Mats

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All-weather car floor mats are made of rubber and typically have high edges, making it easier for them to damp out any sand that might find its way into your car interior. Sand particles can hide in your car’s carpet floor mat fibers. And cleaning sand out of carpet is time-consuming and often impossible to get all the sand out.

An all-protection trunk and floor mat is a more effective and easy-to-clean solution. You can also decide to line out an old blanket or sheet that will help collect the particles that you did not manage to remove.

Be careful not to move the sheet until you are ready to clean your car, for the sand not to find its way into your car carpet.

2.  Use A Straw Or Mesh Bag

While backpacks and other bags with zippers might be able to carry a lot and keep sand out on your beach trip, they are not ideal for the beach as they trap more sand compared to a mesh or straw bag.

Mesh or straw bags have holes that allow sand to fall right out, meaning that you will bring less sand into your car trunk.

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3. Sit On Beach Chairs

Beach chairs make any beach trip a lot comfier. Chairs will also collect less sand than towels or blankets. And when it is time to leave the beach, you can rinse the chairs off before loading them into the car.

Remember to wash your beach gears at home to remove any salts that might cause corroding.

4. Pack Beach Powder

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Rinsing off when leaving the beach does not help, as you go with more sand stuck to your legs and feet. You can try using a baby powder to remove any sand that might have stuck onto you. Using talc-free beach powder will help reduce the amount of sand you take into your vehicle.

You can also use the baby powder on your little ones’ hair to remove the beach sand.

5. Get Sand-Free Towels

You might need a sandless beach towel to ensure that you do not bring sand into your car’s interior. These towels are lightweight, quick-drying, and highly absorbent; the best part is that sand doesn’t stick on them. When it is time to get home, you can quickly shake off any dirt that landed on them.

6. Prepare Your Car For Beach Travel

The best way how to get rid of sand is to stop it from happening in the first place. Therefore protecting your car from the sand begins before you get to the beach.

Here are some preventive steps that will help when protecting your car for a beach trip:

  • Apply Sealant: after waxing our car, it is always advisable to apply sealant. Applying sealant adds an extra layer of protection to your car paint. Ensure to reapply wax as much as needed, so it remains effective.
  • Wax Your Car: if beach trips are your norm, you should wax your car more frequently. Waxing your car is an effective way to get sand out of your vehicle and protect it from the salty air. This is because waxing creates a barrier that makes it more difficult for salt and sand to rust and scratch your car paint. For waxing to remain effective, reapply as much as need be.
  • Install Windows And Paint Film: installing windows and paint films helps protect your car from the potential damage that salt and sand can cause. The high-quality paint film is self-healing, strong, and resistant, making it worthwhile protection.

7. Keep A Brush In The Car

When we talk about having a brush in the car while on the beach, we are not talking about a hairbrush, we mean more like a soft utility brush you can keep in your vehicle. The soft brush’s primary purpose will be to clean that hard-to-get sand that lodges on the bottoms of shoes and chairs.

8. Carry Water

Water is essential and more important for combating the summer’s high temperatures. In this case, however, it is mainly vital as it will help to rinse off. Yes, even after using the outdoor beach shower, you are still bound to attract more sand to your body.

9. Bring A Laundry Basket Along

A small laundry basket is ideal for carrying along while on a beach trip. You can throw dirty towels and clothes right into it. It makes it easier as immediately you get home, they go straight into the washer.

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Don’t let the prospect of ever-present sand put you off taking your family on a road trip to the beach. Follow our preventative steps to reduce the amount of sand making its way into your vehicle, and take care to follow our easy car carpet cleaning steps to rid your vehicle of unwanted beach and desert souvenirs!

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