Honda Accord Towing Capacity: Can This Family Sedan Tow a Trailer?

How much weight can a Honda Accord carry? Knowing the total weight that your vehicle can handle helps improve its hauling efficiency. It also ensures that you stay within recommended loading conditions from the manufacturer. 

The Honda Accord is an entry-level sedan for many car owners. This is a decent vehicle that handles pretty well. Equipped with modest features, the vehicle is more than a passenger car. It can also be used to haul loads from one point to another.

It is important for adventurers and campers to know how they can best stay within the load capacity of the vehicle. It is not recommended that owners of the Accord go over the manufacturer’s approved load capacity of this vehicle. 

How Much Weight Can A Honda Accord Carry?

The Honda Accord comes with a trunk capacity of about 17 cubic feet. This means that the Accord has the best storage space for all midsize family sedans.

How much weight can a Honda Accord carry

How Much Weight Can a Honda Accord Hold?

When it comes to how much weight the Honda Accord can hold, there isn’t much to see here. For starters, the Accord is a sedan that is not designed for hauling loads and trailers. Rather, it is a middle-tier sedan that works well as a passenger car. However, despite its average features, the vehicle can still hold items weighing 1,000 pounds or less. 

Can I Tow A Trailer With My Honda Accord?

How much weight can a Honda Accord carry as a trailer? Surprisingly, this popular middle-sized sedan can tow very small loads. However, the towing capacity of the Honda Accord is not comparable to the Pilot, Ridgeline, and CR-V.

Therefore, this point will help clarify things for those asking if their Accords can tow a camper, jet ski, trailer, or boat.

1.5L Honda Accord models: These models are not built for towing trailers. This means that you won’t be able to do anything if you own the Honda Accord Sport SE, Sport, EX-L, or LX. People with this model should not try to tow any trailer or boat with their cars.

This isn’t possible because the Honda 1.5L has a four-cylinder engine. This type of engine is not meant for towing anything. The 1.5L is great for a lot of things, but towing a trailer isn’t one of the things you should do with this vehicle. It shouldn’t be used to tow any trailer even if it is a light one.

2.0L Honda Accord models: These models of the Honda Accord have a towing capacity of about 1,000 pounds. The Honda Accord trim levels come fully equipped with a 252 horsepower turbocharged 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine. This is why it is rated with a towing capacity of 1,000 pounds.

What Honda Accord Models Can I Use For Towing?

All Honda Accord generations have a 1,000-pound towing capacity. But the 1.5L engines of the most recent generation and all hybrids built from 2014 onwards are not produced to tow.

When it comes to towing trailers, sedans are usually not recommended. This is especially true for sedans that Honda has produced. 

Based on the manufacturer not releasing the details, an official report is not available for the towing capacity of the most recent 1.5L models. Also, if you tow a trailer with the 1.5L, it could cause some damage to the car and would lead to warranty cessation.

Therefore, it is recommended that the Honda Accord should not be used for towing trailers. This same recommendation applies to all hybrid Honda Accords that were made from 2014 onwards.

Towing With Your 1,000-pound Capacity Honda Accord

You may be asking, “How much weight can a Honda Accord carry with a load capacity of 1,000 pounds?” More than many people expect.

Since various small camper trailers are below 1,000 pounds in weight, these can be towed by your Honda Accord. Also falling within this weight capacity are ultralight and light trailers. Furthermore, if you have the right trailer hitches to your Honda Accord, you could tow ATVs, jet skis, light watercraft, or bikes.

This means that most Honda Accord models (except the hybrids and the 1.5L) can carry small trailers with a 1,000-pound weight capacity. The vehicle is not intended for carrying loaded trailers. It should be used to carry only empty trailers. These include teardrop trailers, small open trailers, jet skis, and canoes/kayaks.

Below is a table of the types of trailers and their average empty/loaded weights in pounds.

Trailer type Average empty weight in pounds Average loaded weight in pounds
Canoe/Kayak trailer 200400
Jet Ski trailer3001,800
Motorcycle trailer5002,400
Teardrop trailer1,7002,400
Small open utility trailer 7002,500
A-frame camper1,7002,900
Small enclosed utility trailer 1,0003,200
Fishing boat trailer 6003,300
Pop up camper 2,3003,400
Small travel trailer 2,8003,600
Tow Dolly6004,000
Large enclosed utility trailer 2,7007,100
Small horse trailer 2,9007,200
Large travel trailer 6,7008,300
Car trailer1,9009,000
Large flatbed trailer 3,00010,400
Large boat trailer2,20013,600
Dump trailer 4,50016,900
Toy hauler7,60017,900
Large livestock trailer 7,30018,700
5th wheel camper12,70018,700
Gooseneck flatbed trailer 7,20023,200
table of the type of trailers and their average empty/loaded weights in pounds

Hitching Your Honda Accord

It is very possible to hitch up your Honda Accord. Compact trailers, baggage racks, and bike racks all work with the trailer hitches for the Honda Accord. This means that you can easily expand the capability of your vehicle. 

Honda Accord Load Capacity 

The Honda Accord load capacity varies for different models. This capacity is the amount of weight that each model can haul. They are:

  • 2013 Honda Accord: It has a load capacity of 1,000 pounds.
  • 2017 Honda Accord: It comes with a load capacity of 2,000 pounds. 
  • 2018 Honda Accord: This should be able to lift about 1,000 pounds. 

What Happens If You Exceed The Honda Accord Load Capacity?

Carrying excess weight with your Honda Accord may force you to exceed the load capacity. This will strain the engine of the vehicle and will undermine the fuel economy. This is why car manufacturers usually specify the load limit of all cars. This is usually indicated in the vehicle owner’s manual. It is also specified on the interior part of the driver’s door. 

FAQs About The Total Load Capacity of the Honda Accord

1. How much can my car hold?

When it comes to load capacity in cars, this can vary slightly. It is generally thought that an average car has a load capacity of 850 pounds. The load capacity is equivalent to five passengers, each with a load of 170 pounds. The load capacity should not be exceeded. If it is exceeded regularly, you will begin to see signs of worn breaks, poor suspensions, worn tires, etc., with your car.

2. What does exceeding the load capacity do to my car?

When you exceed the load capacity of your vehicle, there is a risk of overheating, as well as the tires quickly wearing out. This can lead to a tire failure, which can be expensive, and possibly a fatal blowout. There is an extra strain on the engine, which works twice as hard to keep the car moving. It is extremely costly to experience car engine failure, which can cause a breakdown at the roadside.

3. What is the load capacity of a 2017 Honda Accord?

The Honda Accord’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 4200 pounds. The GVWR is the maximum amount of load that the Honda Accord can carry. This means the total load, the cargo, the passengers, the fluids, the chassis, the engine – everything.

4. How much weight can I pull with my 2021 Honda Accord?

The maximum towing capacity of the 2021 Honda Accord is about 1,000 pounds. This value is the same for all trims of the Honda Accord. This means you can tow a maximum amount of 1,000 pounds with your 2021 Honda Accord.

5. Can I pull a trailer with my Honda Accord?

The 2.0L model of the Honda Accord is allowed to tow about 1,000 pounds. All trim levels of the Honda Accord are equipped with a distinct engine system. The car has a 252-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter 4-cylinder engine. This gives it a towing capacity of about 1,000 pounds.

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