What Is The Tow Capacity Of A Honda Ridgeline?

How much weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow? As a vehicle with a great towing capacity, the Ridgeline is one great option for hauling that extra load. However, owners need to keep within the load capacity of this vehicle. While it can always be used to enhance your trips and adventures on those family getaways, it is important not to get carried away by its monstrous towing capacity. 

The Honda Ridgeline is a popular vehicle and allows you to haul an extra load easily. The vehicle features a remarkable collection of amazing amenities that maximize user experience whenever you drive. It also features great aesthetics that will turn heads each time you use it. But do you know that the Honda Ridgeline offers a great towing capacity?

With the Ridgeline, you can enhance your life on the road. You can easily haul items for camping, adventures, or traveling to the countryside. The vehicle is very versatile when it comes to hauling off all types of loads and cargo.

How much weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow

The Honda Ridgeline is the perfect truck to haul any item. Many owners have noticed a dramatic change in their lives since they purchased their own Honda Ridgeline vehicles. This means that they can now haul items easily from point A to point B.

With the Ridgeline, Honda has ensured that consumers can acquire a beast that matches any external load that they want to haul. While it does seem like your Honda Ridgeline is ready for anything, it does have a limit. This is why many people seem to ask, “How much weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow?” We aim to break this down with this beginner’s guide.

How Much Weight Can a Honda Ridgeline Tow?

The Honda Ridgeline is known for its efficient performance, refined comfort, advanced tech features, practicality, and load capacity. This collection of features makes it a great option for adventurers and campers. This vehicle has been engineered specifically to improve your life on the road. Known for its ruggedness and monstrous engine, these features are easily bettered by its towing capacity. 

You ask, “How much weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow?” We say that the towing capacity of your Honda Ridgeline is approximately 5,000 pounds.

This towing capacity works for all configurations. What this means is that the load capacity of all trims of the Honda Ridgeline peaks at 5,000 pounds. Anything more can be unsafe and detrimental. This means that you are supposed to abide by this towing capacity. 

While it seems that the Honda Ridgeline is a modest vehicle in its product line, it sure has a great towing capacity. This is a medium-sized pickup that can still hold its own when it comes to hauling off major loads. However, with a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds, the decent vehicle can haul off any cargo that falls within this weight capacity. 

Black Honda Ridgeline

The powerful engine of the vehicle supports this capacity of 5,000 pounds. This is what gives the pickup sufficient power to tow a trailer. It can also be used to tow some off-road vehicles.

Also, if you want to enhance the fun of your trip by using a small camper, this pickup comes in handy. It can tow a small camper, especially when it comes to adventurous trips. Beyond that, it can also tow or haul trailers and other cargo that are within this weight capacity. 

Features of the Honda Ridgeline

How much weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow? To answer this question, you must know the basic features of the vehicle. This SUV truck has a 3.5L V6 engine that boasts a torque of 262 pounds per foot. It also has a 280-horsepower engine.

The vehicle is usually a standard All-Wheel-Drive option. The great thing about the Ridgeline is that it handles the road in a great way. Apart from these standard features, the Ridgeline also comes with basic components such as:

  • An integrated class III trailer hitch
  • A tailgate (dual-action)
  • Lockable trunk
  • Heavy-duty tie-down cleats

The Towing Package for the Honda Ridgeline

If you are still wondering how much can weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow, then you should know this. All Honda Ridgeline trucks have a general towing capacity of about 5,000 pounds. Also, all models of the Ridgeline from Honda come fully equipped with its full Integrated Class III trailer hitch. The hitch is enhanced with a 7-Pin connector. This means that you don’t get to purchase any more tow packages for your Honda Ridgeline. Apart from the tow hitch, the Ridgeline features several more components that make it a fun and reliable tow vehicle for extra loads.

How Much Weight Can a Honda Ridgeline Hold?

When it comes to the loading capacity of the Honda Ridgeline, versatility is the name of the game. This is a practical pickup truck that has been engineered for all purposes. It can tow any extra load whether it be a boat, a full-gear trailer, a camper, or any load for your adventure.

As stated here severally, the total amount of weight that the Honda Ridgeline can hold is about 5,000 pounds. This means it can only haul off loads within this capacity. 

Honda Ridgeline load capacity

Honda Ridgeline Load Capacity

When it comes to the Honda Ridgeline, there are several available models. Also, owners need to know what load capacity their vehicles can handle. This is where the Honda Ridgeline load capacity comes in. Depending on your model, you may ask, “How much weight can a Honda Ridgeline tow?”

This depends on the model that you have. The load capacity of your Honda Ridgeline will vary based on its models. The following charts show the corresponding towing capacities and payload capacities of the different models of the Honda Ridgeline.

The towing capacity for the various models of the Honda Ridgeline

The table below shows that the Honda Ridgeline has the same towing capacities across the different models. 

Honda Ridgeline modelTowing capacity 
Honda Ridgeline Sport AWD5,000 pounds
Honda Ridgeline RTL AWD5,000 pounds
Honda Ridgeline RTL-E AWD5,000 pounds
Honda Ridgeline Black Edition AWD5,000 pounds 
The towing capacity for the various models of the Honda Ridgeline

The Towing Capacities of the Honda Ridgeline By Year

The towing capacities of the various Honda Ridgelines can also be analyzed over the years as different models are released. 

Year of Honda Ridgeline Towing capacity 
2021-20225,000 pounds
2016 – 20193,500 – 5,000 pounds
2003 – 20155,000 pounds
The towing capacities of the Honda Ridgeline by year

The payload capacities for various models of the Honda Ridgeline

Model of the Honda Ridgeline Payload Capacity 
Honda Ridgeline Sport1,583 pounds
Honda Ridgeline RTL1,544 pounds
Honda Ridgeline RTL-E 1,509 pounds
Honda Ridgeline Black Edition 1,509 pounds
The payload capacities for various models of the Honda Ridgeline

FAQs on the Towing Capacity of the Honda Ridgeline

1. Can my Honda Ridgeline tow 5,000 pounds?

The Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck that offers a great towing capacity. This means that regardless of the trim that you have, your Honda Ridgeline has 5,000 pounds as its maximum towing capacity. This applies to both the 2021 and 2022 models too. If you were to tow any extra cargo, the total weight of that cargo has to be within 5,000 pounds or less. Anything more can cause an accident or damage to the car. 

2. What trucks from Honda have a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds?

The Honda Ridgeline can tow about 5,000 pounds. This is a rigged truck that features remarkable components. This truck features superb towing specifications that are powered by a robust 3.5L V6 engine. Under the hood of the Honda Ridgeline features a torque of 262-pound foot and 280 horsepower. 

3. Is the Honda Ridgeline a good vehicle for hauling?

The Honda Ridgeline is a pickup truck that is designed for hauling an extra load. It comes with a towing capacity of 5,000 pounds. However, there are still other options that offer higher towing capacities. But the Honda Ridgeline can haul trailers, off-road vehicles, small campers, and so on. It can haul off anything that is within a loaf capacity of 5,000 pounds.

4. What camper size can I pull with my Honda Ridgeline?

The Honda Ridgeline is a great towing vehicle that can pull certain campers and RVs. Depending on the model of the Honda Ridgeline, it can easily haul off any campers that fall between 3,000 and 5,000 pounds. 

5. What does the towing package of the Honda Ridgeline come with?

The Honda Ridgeline comes with an essential towing package. This package is a standard feature with the 2021 Ridgeline AWD model. However, the towing package features the following:
• A trailer hitch mounting ball,
• A 7-pin connector (necessary for trailer wiring harnesses)
• Many other features to help simplify the process of towing. 

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