Family Road Trip - How To Use A Rhino Roof Rack

How To Use A Rhino Roof Rack

Rhino is a very popular brand when it comes to quality and excellent roof rack systems. The company is known for manufacturing user-friendly and durable roof racks for all your cargo carrying needs.

Rhino also makes kayak carriers, bike carriers, and luggage boxes, to mention just a few of their excellent cargo products. They also make accessories that can be used to secure your load onto your roof racks.

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Rhino produces a lot of customized roof rack products for different vehicles. They have one of the best technologies when it comes to roof racks and other vehicle carriers. Rhino helps car owners transform their vehicles for play, business, work, and anything in between.

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What The Rhino Roof Rack Can Do For You

The Rhino roof rack will create additional loading space on your car roof, freeing up your vehicle’s internal space. This is a space-saving option can be used for hauling equipment as well as cargo.

Whilst we largely focus on cargo solutions for family road trips, Rhino racks are also immensely popular for tradesman who need some extra carrying capacity on their van or truck.

This means that the Rhino roof rack is suitable for mounting unwieldy and large items. These are items that may not be able to fit inside the vehicle. Rhino roof racks can be used to carry dirty, sandy, or wet gear. This helps you to avoid soiling your cargo or trunk area. This means that you can quickly and easily get your sporting items to the mountain, lake, beach, or trail.

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What Sort of Rhino Rack Do You Need?

The first thing to consider with a Rhino roof rack is what you will be hauling. You will need to determine how you intend to use this roof rack system.

There are elaborately engineered Rhino roof racks for various carrying purposes. If you are looking to transport luggage boxes, bikes, or kayaks on sealed roads, then choose the clamp-on design roof rack.

This type of roof rack comes with its crossbars and legs, which can be sited comfortably on your car roof. This option securely clips around the door area to provide stability and safety.

Rhino roof racks can help you haul some serious gear for off-road driving or to work. The Rhino roof racks have been engineered to provide pure strength and performance. This is why they are suitable for many vehicle roof-based hauling activities.

Benefits Of Using A Rhino Roof Rack

Rhino roof racks are a very unique product when it comes to vehicle roof-mounted racks.

  1. Rhino roof racks have been designed and produced for vehicles with flush roof-mounted systems. This means that you will find these roof racks very easy to mount onto your car. Also, they can be easily removed as well. This function enhances the user-friendliness of the Rhino roof rack.
  2. The Rhino roof rack comes with a long crossbar system. Compared to other crossbar designs, Rhino has cross bars that measure 54 inches. Other crossbars, like the Thule systems, are shorter. For example, the crossbar from the Thule system measures about 47 inches. This means that the Rhino crossbar is 7 inches longer than that of the Thule system.
  3. The Rhino roof rack system comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
  4. Rhino roof racks have excellent ergonomics and aerodynamics. While the roof rack scores a very high point for ergonomics, its aerodynamic feature steals the show here. This helps reduce the noise that it generates during use. The Rhino roof racks are very quiet and excel in this area compared to many other competing brands. It is a well-known fact that the elliptical bars of the Rhino roof racks perform better than most other brands out there. This is because the company takes the aerodynamics of its crossbars seriously. As such, the Rhino roof racks have improved aerodynamics. This generally means a reduced drag, noise, and improved fuel economy. Most Rhino roof racks will limit the time you spend at the pump.
  5. Rhino roof racks are known for their versatility. These multipurpose roof racks work with various accessories. The accessories from Rhino roof racks have been designed and configured to work with most other roof racks. Rhino accessories are very compatible with the Yakima and Thule brands. There are cases where you may need simple accessories like fit kits or adapters. For example, if you have bought the Square bars or Aero Blade from Thule, you can easily use any accessory from Rhino. In this case, you may simply install the Sunseeker Awning from Rhino.
  6. Rhino is a brand that is known for having various nice components. A great example is its quick-release footpack and its user-friendly clamping systems. The clamping systems are extremely excellent to be used for cargo boxes. It is a great product that is worth trying out.
  7. Rhino roof racks are some of the best roof rack products. In terms of price and quality, they get the job done. Rhino seems to have a great competitive edge compared to many brands out there. Rhino is known to provide remarkable roof racks for very low prices. This is more likely because of the fact they are trying to gain more market share in the North American market.

Important Tips To Note When Using The Rhino Roof Rack

These are various important tips that help you make the right decisions when using your roof racks. Knowing how best to use the roof racks will help you transport the gear and items safely.

This can help you save money in the long term, especially considering the costs of alternative solutions.

The Load Limits And The Total Weight Of Items

Observe The Weight Limit Of The Roof Rack And The Roof

One of the best precautions for using your Rhino Roof rack is to know the weight limits. Your vehicle roof has its weight limits. The roof rack also has its weight limits.

You will need to know these weight limits to safely use your roof rack on your vehicle roof. If you are calculating the total load, you should also consider the weight of the load and the accessories. Also, consider any panels and poles that you will be using.

Try To Limit The Load On The Roof

Try to minimize the weight on the roof of your vehicle. It should only be used to transport gear that cannot be fitted in the rear trunk.

You should also try to bundle up smaller items to avoid them flying off the roof during any abrupt stops. The rear trunk area of your vehicle should be used for heavier items.

The rear cargo area can be used to transport compact items. This way, they can be packed up in that space more efficiently and effectively.

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You should try as much to reduce the vehicle’s center of gravity. Reducing the center of gravity helps to increase its stability while you are on the road. This will enhance your safety as you drive.

Minimize Your Weight Limit In The Case For Off-Road Use

While your Rhino roof rack may be rated for road use, you could be thinking of using it off-road.

Some racks are not recommended to be used off-road. Before you drive in off-road conditions with your roof rack, you should consult with the manufacturer.

If you are not sure, it is recommended that you reduce your weight by a factor of 1.5. This value is good for off-road conditions. This will help you cater to the possible downward pressure of the loaded item.

It is natural for the downward pressure of the loaded items to increase as you drive off-road. In this case, if the load limit of your Rhino Roof rack is 75 kilograms, apply the factor of 1.5 to this.

This would give you a value of 50 kilograms. This means that the total weight of the load shouldn’t go beyond 50 kilograms. This means that 75/1.5 = 50. This is the average value that is recommended.


Use Only Manufacturer-Approved Accessories

If you want to get the best out of your Rhino roof rack, you should try to use only manufacturer-approved accessories.

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Also, ensure that the Rhino roof rack that you have chosen for your vehicle is the right fit. Additionally, you must get a professional to install the roof rack.

This is because there is usually some measurement that is meant to be done. These measurements help you determine the right location on the roof to install the racks and the rails.

A perfect measurement will help you identify the center of your vehicle. This centering will help you distribute the load evenly across the vehicle roof. It is always recommended to get professional installers to mount your roof racks.

Use The Right Restraining

If you are tying the roof rack to your vehicle, you will want to use good quality and suitable restraint equipment. Several accessories are meant for properly retraining your load onto your vehicle.

There are buckle straps or ratchet ties that can be used to hold down your equipment. Others come with locks. This is meant to maximize the security that they provide.

These restraints come with an appropriate rating. This rating system is used to determine the total load capacity of the restraint. In this case, it is not advised to use elastic cords. This is because they can stretch and get your loads loose.

Similarly, you aren’t recommended to make use of ropes. This is because they are vulnerable to slippages. You need to have proper knowledge of load restraining ropes to know the right type of tension to apply. Also, you may not be sure if the rope or cord can secure your load.

Consider Using Other Accessories

You should also think about using other accessories. You can consider getting steps or folding stools to help you access the roof easily.

Roof access ladders can also be used in this case to make your roof access a lot easier. However, ladders are typically used in the case of unusually high vehicles. Many accessories help you mount your items into your vehicle.

Use Long, Rectangular Bags

When using your roof racks, you should make use of rectangular bags. Rectangular bags are preferred to shapeless or rounded bags. The length of the rectangular bags should never go beyond 1.8 meters or 6 feet.

If you have an existing tent bag that is not suitable for this, then transfer the items to a bag of a more suitable shape. Long, rectangular bags are recommended because of their aerodynamics. They support the flow of air in an even direction according to the movement of the vehicle.

Support Bags That Are Bendable

Bendable bags that contain items like clothing and bedding should be supported. They can be supported with the use of a timber panel or a tent pole.

They can be bought from any hardware shop. They provide the needed support to prevent the possible sagging of the bag from destabilizing your load.

This support will also prevent potential roof damage to your vehicle. The supports can be placed inside this bag under the items. Also, you can place the timber between the racks and the bag.

Weather Protection

Extra protection should be provided for vulnerable items because of bad weather. Items like clothing and bedding should be shielded from bad weather and other elements.

If you think that it may rain or snow, you should provide an additional weatherproof bag. A garbage bag would be suitable in this case to enclose all the items.

Even if you have your items already in a weatherproof bag, they can be protected with an additional bag. You can never be too careful with your essential home items.

Tying Your Items To The Vehicle Roof Racks

Crossbar Spacing

When tying your items onto the roof racks on your vehicle, you can adjust the crossbar spacing. Adjust the space width between the cross bars.

This will help suit the total length of the item for proper support. You can have your items extend beyond each crossbar by a maximum length of 20 cm.

Keep The Load Balanced

You should keep your loads balanced. This ensures that they are evenly spread, and the weight is shared equally. If your load is balanced properly on the roof racks, it does not sit too far back or forward.

Placing the loads properly on your vehicle will help you reduce the total drag acting on your vehicle. Note that all loads should be placed just behind the starting point of the roof of your vehicle.

Do Not Make The Ratchet Straps Too Tight

Ratchet straps can be tightened easily without too much effort. But then again, you can over-tighten them to a point where they can crush the gear or items.

This can cause significant damage to your gear. While this isn’t much of a threat to clothes and soft bedding, it may damage other items like marquee frames, poles, and tents.

Your Rhino Roof Racks When Driving

Check Your Roof Rack Regularly

If you are going to use your roof racks satisfactorily, you should check them regularly. Regular checks will help you see whether they have become dislodged or loose on your roof. It is essential to check them at every safe stop or every 10 kilometers.

If you can, have another person verify the safety of all fastenings before you finally leave. Because of the possible road hazards that they can cause, they should be checked frequently.

Roof racks are prone to all sorts of hazards. Frequent checks will help you detect any possible hazard before it turns into a dangerous situation.

Whether you like it or not, it is always risky to carry items on your vehicle while moving. Because we feel that we have reliable roof racks, we shouldn’t expect hazards not to happen. This is why they should be checked regularly.

Adjust Your Driving In The Case Of Heavy Loads

When moving heavy items, your vehicle is under constant risk of load movements. This load movement is capable of changing the center of gravity of the loads. It can also affect your deceleration, acceleration, handling, and performance.

Heavy loads will always affect the movement of the vehicle. Another important point to consider is the road condition. Heavy loads may not be much of a problem around smooth terrains.

However, rough roads can be very challenging to handle, especially with roads that have different levels and bumps.

You need to pay careful attention to the differences and bumps on the road. Heavy loads can also affect the way that the vehicle handles. Also, see the way your vehicle handles and drive more carefully.

Be Careful With Areas With Height Restrictions

When using Rhino roof racks, you may want to pay attention to the height of the load. Although many roof racks from Rhino do not support you to have tall loads, you should check for low structures.

There are many low structures like tree limbs, internal car packs, and garages. These structures may pose enough challenges for your low structures. You may want to avoid vehicle damage and accidents by staying away from these areas.

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You should have constant reminders of how high your load is to help you drive safely. Also, if you have high loads, you may want to avoid the city centers and service areas. High loads of vehicles are suitable for traveling around the mountainsides and other clear terrains.

Typical Rhino Roof Rack Systems

If you want to carry your items safely and effortlessly, it is best to consider the available practical products. Rhino offers various products and accessories that can be used to haul your items safely.

The great thing about Rhino products is their compatibility. As standard roof carriers, they are compatible with accessories from Thule, Yakima, and so on. This section highlights some of these products. They are:

Crossbars And Legs Vehicle Roof Rack Systems

The crossbars are used to provide a platform for carrying the load. It is a place where the accessories or carriers are mounted. Your crossbars can be in two different styles: Flush or Overhang.

Overhang Crossbars

These are the most popular styles of roof racks. They provide a broader surface area where you can mount your items.

They can be used for bike racks, trade equipment, kayak carriers, awnings, or other vehicle accessories. They are highly functional.

Flush Crossbars

These flush crossbars do not project out of your vehicle roof. They come in a seamless design and are factory-fitted by the vehicle manufacturer. Many users prefer them because of their aesthetics and style.

Types Of Rhino Roof Rack Crossbars

When it comes to the crossbars from Rhino, there are the following options:


Rhino Rack Vortex Black 2 Bar 59" Roof Rack (Y02-490B)

The Vortex is a very popular and stylish crossbar for any weekend adventure. These racks will work smoothly with any recreation accessories like bike racks, kayak carriers, luggage boxes, fishing rod holders, ski carriers, and so on.

They have been designed for aerodynamics. They also come with a high load rating, which also offers a patented VGS rubber strip. This strip has been optimized to reduce wind drag and the corresponding noise.

Heavy Duty

Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty Roof Rack Cross Bar Black 59 Inch/1500 mm (RB1500B)

These are the types of crossbars that have been engineered for tradesmen. Also, it is useful for Off-roaders.

This heavy-duty crossbar system comes with a vast collection of trade and off-road accessories. This means that your vehicle can be converted easily from business to pleasure as you wish.


The Euro roof rack from Rhino has been engineered to suit all the basic requirements for a roof rack.

It has been recommended for use for light loads and gear. They are useful for consumers who need a budget roof rack system.

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