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Sunflower Fields in Miami Not To Miss in 2024

Who says the Midwest should have all the fun when in comes to sunflower farms?

Although by no means a large industry in Florida, sunflower fields aplenty have been popping up over the Sunshine State.

Whether you’re looking for a fun and easy day trip from Miami or to incorporate a sunflower stop on your Florida family road trip, we’ve been picking out the most colorful sunflower farms to try in 2023-24.

But before we hit the road…

Best Time To See Sunflower Fields in Miami

Florida is quite unique in offering more than one planting season for sunflowers. The sunflower fields close to Miami can offer both spring and late fall seasons – some fields even flower through winter! We have indicated below to the best of our knowledge when each sunflower field will be in bloom.

You’ll find each sunflower farm will plant its fields over a staggered period to make the most of the sunflower blooms. It takes two to three months for sunflowers to mature, with peak blooms only lasting for around ten days.

And remember, as much as the planting can be controlled, Mother Nature cannot; heavy rains and storms can cause havoc for sunflower farmers, so it’s always wise to check with each sunflower farm before heading off on a road trip from Miami to make sure blooms are at their best.

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What to Know Before Visiting Miami Sunflower Fields with Kids

There are a few things you should bear in mind when planning a sunflower road trip in Florida with your kids:

  • You are still on someone’s working farm and private property, as much as you might be there for the insta-moment, treat the sunflower fields with respect
  • Come properly dressed for the occasion and explain the rules and etiquette (often repeatedly to the little ones!), so everyone knows what is expected of them
  • Never trample on the flowers or pick any you are not supposed to
  • Carefully follow any farm or field rule specifics; this can include sticking to designated paths and not climbing on any machinery
  • Do expect summer the fields can be muddy – yes, even in Florida – we’d leave their best party frocks and white clothes at home, even if you think it’ll make for a cute photo
  • Avoid wearing perfumes or any strong fragrances – you want the bees focused on the flowers, not you!
  • And do not swat at the bees! They will be hanging around the flowers but as long as you leave them alone, they’re there doing an important job
  • Opening hours can be weather dependent, call in advance if unsure and to avoid disappointment
  • Some events and festivals are ticketed. Again, book online in advance (we’ve tried to annotate these once for you below)
  • Professional photography shoots may be permitted. Contact the farms in advance to make arrangements if you’re after something more than a few iPhone snaps

What to Pack for a Miami Sunflower Road Trip

In addition to our road trip essentials, for a sunflower day trip or longer road trip, make sure you pack for all the family

Best Sunflower Fields Near Miami

Let’s hit the road and explore these incredible and utterly instagrammable sunflower fields near Miami.

1. The Berry Farm

Only a stone’s throw away from the city, The Berry Farm is a must for sunflower lovers near Miami.

As the name might suggest, the Berry Farm features not just sunflower fields, but strawberry picking, a farmer’s market, hayrides, a playground, obstacle course, bouncepad and more. Its hard to believe you’re in southern Florida!

What makes Berry Farm unique in offering a very long sunflower viewing season. They are closed only over the hottest months from May until mid-September.

Several festivals are held throughout the year (including the Sunflower Festival in March with a maze) and you’ll find a delicious array of fresh fruit and veg from their juice and smoothie bar through to a farmer’s market.

The Berry Farm makes for a superb fun family day out away from the beaches in Miami.

Cost: Weekends $17 adults/$13 kids; Weekdays $11 adults/$9 kids. Sunflowers by the stem are $1

Location: 13720 SW 216th Street, Miami, FL 33170

2. Strawberry Fields of Kendall

Sister property to The Berry Farm, as you might expect from the name, the primary produce here at Strawberry Fields of Kendall is strawberries, but u-pick sunflower fields are also in operation 7 days a week, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (2022 season returns in December)

Cost: Free entry, U-Pick $1 a stem

Location: 9443 SW 137th Ave, Miami, FL 33186

3. Family Farms

Family Farms is the full works when it comes to farm yard fun in Florida.

The sunflower fields are open Thursday to Sunday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Friday and Satrday nights enjoy free entry to bonfire on the Farm.

Cost: Sunflowers $3 a stem, Zinnias $1.50

Location: 14950 SW 14th St, Davie, FL 33326

The next few are slightly further afield but could still be visited on a day trip from Miami or as a long road trip through to popular central Florida destinations, including Tampa and Orlando.

4. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market

Located on the east coast of Florida, Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market is less than 90 minutes from Miami and has sunflower fields open from December through until May.

Tractor rides on weekends for kids only adds to the farm fun, plus plenty of other farm fresh produce

Cost: TBC – per stem

Location: 420 Claremore Dr, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

5. Mick Farms

Situated around an hour south of Orlando, Mick Farms can make the perfect stop when road tripping Florida between Miami and the theme parks.

More than just sunflowers, there’s plenty of fresh produce and u-pick opportunities that follow the seasons from fall through to spring.

Cost: There’s no fee to enter, you only pay for what you pick.

Location: 4261 Canoe Creek Road, Saint Cloud, FL 34772

6. Hunsander Farms

One of the most beautiful farms in Florida, Hunsader Farm can be found south of Tampa. If you’ll be road tripping to the west coast of Florida from Miami, definitely get this on your road trip itinerary.

They offer u-pick sunflowers, along with zinnias and wildflowers in spring. Make sure to bring your own clippers for U-pick opportunities for $1 stems (yellow) and $3 per stem for colored sunflowers.

Professional photographers can book 2-hour private sessions to make the most of their stunning flower fields.

As well as flowers, they offer a petting zoo and playground and plenty of fresh produce for U-Pick from turnips and squash to tomatoes, beans and peas.

Note that they close over the summer, re-opening in September.

Cost: $2 entry plus what you pick

Location: 5500 Co Rd 675, Bradenton, FL 34211

A Few More Florida Sunflower Fields to Consider in 2022

Some of these are a little far from Miami to count as a day trip but well worthy of a mention if you’re a sunflower fan in Florida:

If there are more you think we need to add for 2024 do drop us a note at familyroadtripblog@gmail.com so we can include them next year.  

More Fun Sunflower Facts!

A few more interesting facts our sunflower-lovers may want to know before you head off on a sunflower hunting road trip this summer:

  • Sunflowers are actually a native North American species
  • There are more than 70 different species of sunflowers! Some are even purple and red
  • A sunflower is actually made up of thousands of mini flowers that make the full flower
  • The long petals on a sunflower are called ray florets
  • Sunflowers can grow over 16 ft tall!
  • Young sunflowers always face the sun. This means the direction they face will change throughout the day
  • A mature flower will face east, attracting up to 5 times more pollinators
  • Want sunflowers for your vase? The best time to clip them is early in the morning after the dew has dried
  • Sunflower seeds are loaded with nutrients and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, fiber and polyunsaturated fat

And More USA Sunflower Adventures

If you can’t get another of these cheerful golden blooms, you may also be interested in:

Let’s get in the car and go for an unforgettable and utterly instagrammable sunflower road trip adventure this summer.

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