How Much Weight Can A 2013 Honda Pilot Tow?

What is the towing capacity of a 2013 Honda Pilot? The 2013 Honda Pilot received a massive design review and upgrade after its 2012 model. The 2013 Honda Pilot returned with a bang!

With the model, you get more refined styling, improved fuel efficiency, upgraded features, and aesthetics. Oh, and did we mention that you get to haul even more loads with this SUV?

The 2013 Honda Pilot returns with more fuel efficiency. This means that you can haul more loads without worrying about fuel. Also, the cabin features a flexible eight-passenger seating arrangement. This means more fun on your family trips as you hit the road for adventure.

How Much Weight Can A 2013 Honda Pilot Tow

The 2013 Honda Pilot has a combination of family-friendly components as well as a great EPA-rated fuel economy rating. With this rating, the 2-wheel-drive (2WD) of the model gives you a 25 mpg highway rating.

With this said, the towing capacity of the 2013 Honda Pilot was reviewed upward. With this SUV, you get a towing capacity of about 4,500 pounds. This means that all 4-wheel-drive models (4WD) models of the 2013 Honda Pilot have a load capacity of about 4,500 pounds. 

This is a great improvement from the 2012 Honda Pilot, which is limited in terms of its loading capacity. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped with upscale interior and exterior elements. 

How Much Weight Can A 2013 Honda Pilot Tow

There are a great collection of safety features as well as advanced electronics for both the 2WD and the 4WD option of the product line. The weight capacity of the 2013 Honda Pilot makes it such a versatile and great transportation solution for families. 

Special Features Of The 2013 Honda Pilot

To make sure that campers and adventure seekers have a great time on the road, Honda ensured that it equipped the 2013 Pilot with some of the most amazing features.

It comes with a premium look that is enhanced with highly reflective halogen lights and a great front fascia design. This vehicle features a special mechanism that gets rid of unwanted air turbulence for improved fuel economy.

The tailgate has been redesigned and equipped with new features to permit easy access. This means that you can now easily retrieve or load your gear in the rear area for cargo in the vehicle.

This model comes with a cargo space of 18 cubic feet, which is located behind its third seat row. This space capacity is either equal to or more than the trunk space for fairly large sedans. It is big enough to accommodate items such as a folded stroller or a medium-sized cooler.

To increase the cargo space of the vehicle, you can fall both the second and third seat rows flat into the car floor. Also, the cargo area cones with a hidden storage space which provides an additional storage space of about 2.8 cubic feet.

The 2013 Honda Pilot Touring comes with a cargo net that can be used to support loads in the vehicle. This cargo net can support a maximum weight of 20 pounds. Also, the cargo net is a great material for subdividing the rear cargo area.

2013 Honda Pilot Load Capacity

How much weight can a Honda Pilot tow? This has to do with the 2013 Honda Pilot’s load capacity. If you carefully observe the load capacity of the 2013 Honda Pilot, the vehicle can easily tow a trailer. Apart from the load capacity, other elements that make the 2013 Honda Pilot easily tow a trailer are following the towing guidelines and using the right towing equipment. It is important to check the load capacity before driving out with the trailer.

It is important to be cognizant of the load of the trailer. The trailer has a total weight that should be considered during movement. It is recommended that owners do not exceed the maximum approved trailer weight. This same rule applies to cargo or any extra load attached to the vehicle.

It is recommended to stay within the load capacity because towing excess loads can significantly affect the performance and handling of the vehicle. It can go a bit further to damage the drivetrain and the engine.

2013 Honda Pilot Towing Capacity 

If you are going for fascinating outdoor trips or want to haul some cargo, you should always remember the 2013 Honda Pilot’s towing capacity. This towing capacity is the maximum weight that your Pilot can pull without complications. The 2013 Honda Pilot’s towing capacity is a decent one that can be improved with the right equipment.

Many people are surprised to see that the 2013 Honda Pilot’s load capacity is different for the four-wheel drive and the two-wheel drive models. With the 2013 Honda Pilot, the four-wheel drive has a higher load capacity than the two-wheel drive models.

It is recommended that drivers not exceed the 2013 Honda Pilot towing capacity. If this tip is violated, this will affect the performance of the Pilot. It will also make it difficult for the Honda Pilot to adhere to the brakes. This can lead to lasting damages to the vehicle and road crashes.

Number of passengers in the 2013 Honda Pilot 4WD models2WD models with installed ATF coolers2WD models that are not equipped with ATF coolers
24,500 pounds (2,041kg)3,500 pounds (1,588kg)2,000 pounds (905kg)
34,300 pounds (1,950kg)3,300 pounds (1,497kg)Towing is not recommended
44,100 pounds (1,860kg)3,100 pounds (1,406kg)Towing is not recommended
54,000 pounds (1,814kg)3,000 pounds (1,361kg)Towing is not recommended
63,800 pounds (1,724kg)2,800 pounds (1,270kg)Towing is not recommended
72,000 pounds (905kg)2,000 pounds (905kg)Towing is not recommended
8Towing is not recommended Towing is not recommendedTowing is not recommended
A table showing the 2013 Honda Pilot towing capacity for the 4WD and 2WD models

How To Increase The 2013 Honda Pilot Load Capacity

If you are looking to maximize the trailer weight rating of the 2013 Honda Pilot, there are several things you will need to know.

The overall load capacity of the 2013 Honda Pilot falls within a range of between 0 and 4,5000 pounds. The overall load capacity of the SUV is dependent on three primary factors. These factors are:

  • The number of passengers in your vehicle,
  • Whether you have the four-wheel drive or the two-wheel drive options,
  • The installation of the automatic transmission fluid cooler in the vehicle.

Assumed weight of passengers: Honda usually assumes that the weight of each passenger is approximately 150 pounds. In addition, it also shows that each passenger has a cargo of about 15 pounds. This means that each person has a total weight of 165 pounds. 

FAQs On The Load Capacity Of The Honda Pilot 2013 Model 

1. Is The 2013 Honda Pilot Strong Enough To Tow Campers?

The 2013 Honda Pilot was built to have a general towing capacity of somewhere between 2,000 and 4,500 pounds. The lower-end models of the 2013 Honda Pilot usually have a general towing capacity of about 2,000 pounds. The high-end models of the same year can also have towing capacities that are as high as 4,500 pounds. In addition, since the 2013 Honda Pilot has a passenger capacity of eight people, towing is not recommended when the vehicle is full.

2. How does the Honda Pilot work best for towing trailers?

The Front-wheel drive models of the 2013 Honda Pilot can haul a load for up to 3,500 pounds. The 2013 Honda Pilot’s towing capacity is sufficient for a small boat. In addition, drivers who are looking to haul larger items with their vehicles will need to upgrade their SUVs. They will need to get one that is equipped with the Intelligent Variable Torque Management all-wheel drive. Models that are equipped with this feature have their tow capacities increased to about 5,000 pounds.

3. What type of trailers can I tow with the 2013 Honda Pilot towing capacity?

The 2013 Honda Pilot has a towing capacity of 4,500 pounds. This is enough for you to tow all types of trailers and campers. With this towing capacity, your Honda Pilot can easily tow a majority of RV campers.

4. Can my 2013 Honda Pilot tow a camper?

Since the 2013 Honda Pilot’s load capacity is about 4,500 pounds, it means that it can easily tow a camper. With a towing capacity of 4,500 words, the 2013 Honda Pilot is properly equipped to tow any camper that is within the recommended load capacity.

5. What are some specs of the Honda Pilot that make it such a great towing vehicle?

The 2013 Honda Pilot comes with amazing towing specs that help increase its capacity. It features a 3.5L V6 motor that produces an impressive 262 pound-feet of torque and 280 horsepower. This helps it produce a maximum towing capacity of about 4,500 pounds.

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