How Much Weight Can A Tacoma Roof Rack Hold?

It is crucial to keep in mind that no matter how capable a vehicle is, its roof rack has a particular weight limit.

Toyota Tacoma trucks are compact yet mighty vehicles that have a solid reputation for dependability, aptitude, adaptability, and high quality.

These vehicles also have many incredible off-road technology and features. However, their standout feature is their ability to carry a solid roof rack and a lot of cargo – plus a family of up to five in their dual-cab models.   

A roof rack is among the most practical Toyota Tacoma add-ons you can buy. They enable you to add many items and boost your vehicle’s roof weight capacity.

But for safe travels, it’s essential to understand the Toyota Tacoma’s maximum roof weight capability.

You’ve arrived at the right post if you’re looking for more information on Toyota Tacoma roof racks’ capacity. So, let us dig in right away!

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Is Installing a Roof Rack on A Tacoma Worthwhile?

One of the great add-ons for Toyota Tacoma customers is roof racks. If you’ve never owned a truck with a roof rack, you might desire one for every vehicle you own after learning about its benefits.

A roof rack has a lot of standard functions, like

  • Securing heavy objects, such as bicycles, kayaks, paddleboards, and other objects
  • Storing large items that won’t fit inside or keeping them outside to make room inside
  • Separating damp or dirty things, such as hockey equipment, camping gear, or other offensive items
  • Making use of them for roof-top tenting supplies

How Strong Is A Roof Rack?

You must be aware of your vehicle’s weight capacity if you plan to use roof racks to secure heavy components such as roof-top tents.

Some cars are more likely to transport more weight than others. Furthermore, certain roof rack brands are stronger than others.

The maximum weight added to a roof rack is approximately 165 lbs. The best roof racks available will, therefore, be able to support roughly that much weight.

Roof Rack ModelRack’s Maximum Weight CapacityPrice
Thule Evo WingBar~165 lbs~$440.00
Yakima FlushBar Single Bar~165 lbs~$250.00
CargoLoc 60” Rooftop Crossbars~150 lbs~$150.00
Thule Hullavator Pro for Kayaks~75 lbs~$700.00

How Much Weight Can The Roof Of A Tacoma Hold?

Now, let’s get to the point right away! There are two primary roof weight capacities that you should be aware of while placing equipment onto the roof of your car, whether it be a roof-top tent, roof box, kayak, or other equipment.

These two primary roof weight restrictions cover dynamic and static roof weight capacities.

Dynamic Weight Capacity Of The Tacoma Roof

The entire weight a roof rack can support while the automobile moves is known as the dynamic weight load.

Acknowledging the dynamic capacity of a roof rack is necessary because, once a vehicle moves, the weight of the cargo on top shifts the center of gravity and can make the car unbalanced.

Overloaded roof bags have a higher likelihood of toppling.

The maximum dynamic load weight a Tacoma roof rack can support is approximately 300 to 500 pounds. However, some less-priced brands might only have 100 pounds of strength.

To ensure you comply with the requirements, you must first read the manufacturer’s advice before packing your goods.

Static Weight Capacity Of The Tacoma Roof

Toyota Tacoma can carry a maximum amount of weight when stationary, known as the static weight limit.

In numbers, Tacoma roof racks’ static weight capacity is about 600-1000 pounds.

Therefore, even if your roof-top tent weighs 150 pounds, and after you and your guest settle in for the evening, it reaches 600 pounds or more, Tacoma can handle it easily.

It is because when your truck is parked, the roof rack and the car can handle these heavy loads until you’re ready to pack up and move on to your following location.

Can You Increase The Roof Rack Capacity?

Certain restrictions exist on what you may load onto a roof rack because it can only support roughly 100-300 pounds.

If you become reckless and surpass the weight limit, you risk your vehicle and your life.

If you are considering increasing your Tacoma truck’s roof rack capacity, remember that roof racks were meant to be reasonably substantial and have a relatively low profile to provide the extra carrying capacity required.

Over 300 pounds is still not a good idea. For instance, if your truck is only rated to carry 300 pounds and your roof rack is placed to hold 400 pounds.

Therefore, it’s better to hold it back and not go overboard by increasing the weight on your truck’s roof.

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