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6 Best Toddler Neck Pillows for Car Seats

Are you planning to undertake long journeys with your toddler?

The last thing you want is a discomfited child. And though using travel-friendly toys and snacks will help keep the meltdowns at bay, sooner or later, your tot will need to take the much-needed nap.

Having the best toddler neck pillow will help your little one get some much-needed eyes shut without their bed’s comfort. Toddler neck pillows will take your tot’s nap game to the next level as they provide the right neck support.

Travel pillows for toddlers will ensure that your young one has the right neck position, helping them fight fatigue associated with uncomfortable seatings. The neck support pillow for toddlers alleviates neck strain. It will also prevent their heads from slipping forward when traveling.

If you are planning a ramble with your little one, you might be wondering which is the best neck pillow for a car? We got you as in this post; we take a more in-depth look at some of the best car seat travel pillows.

What To Look For In A Good Neck Pillow For Toddlers

When you are choosing a good pillow to support your tots head when traveling, there are important things that you need to consider.

Look for a more flexible microbead travel pillow

Your child’s neck isn’t as strong as yours, making memory foam travel pillows too dense. A microbead travel pillow has small polystyrene beads that are more malleable, helping your young ones settle their necks into the right position.

Easy to clean and breathable material

Small children tend to spill things all the time. Therefore you need to ensure that your tot’s travel cushion is easy to clean. The car pillow for kids also needs to be breathable for your little one’s safety.


How light and flexible is the neck pillow for kids? One that takes up less space is ideal as it will not be an added luggage. Some brands come with a clip-on that can be clipped on your tot’s bag/luggage or stroller.


Check to see if the neck pillow is compatible with your tot’s car seat, as most seats often have a built-in removable, adjustable support cushion and headrest. Most travel pillows suit older tots who have graduated to a booster seat due to their height/ weight.

Best Car Seat Pillows For Toddlers

Here are some of the best car seat neck pillows for kids, as they will offer optimal support to your child’s neck.

1.  INFANZIA Kids Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

The INFANZIA kids chin supporting travel pillow is made up of 100% cotton and offers 360-degree support.

Thanks to its perfect design, it’s an ideal travel neck pillow that can also be used in car seats. It is thinner at the back and wider at the front, providing adequate chin support and preventing small heads from being pushed forward.

INFANZIA Kids Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow, Prevent Head from Falling Forward, Comfortably Supports Head, Neck and Chin - Gifts for Toddler/Child/Kids, Blue

If you are looking for a kid’s travel pillow ideal for long road trips, the INFANZIA kids neck pillow got you! It has an adjustable snap button that helps prevent your little one’s head rolling forward.

It’s machine washable and can easily secure and be secured on a stroller or suitcase when not in use, thanks to its snap and buckle.

2.    BCOZZY Kids Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

This wrap-around neck pillow is great for all forms of transport, thanks to its practicality. If you hate your little one napping with their head flopped forward, this pillow will ensure you never experience that.

The kid’s chin support travel pillow will ensure that you don’t have to worry about your kids reaching their destinations with stiff necks as you can adjust it to fit any tot comfortably.

BCOZZY Kids Travel Neck Pillow, Supports the Neck, Head & Chin, Stops the head from falling forward, for kids who fall asleep in the car seat & plane, Turns into a soft Dog toy, for kids 3-7 Y/O, Navy

It is fully machine washable, soft, and flexible with a breathable fabric shell. It is lightweight and comes with a carry case. It has a snap loop in the back, making it easy to clip on your tot’s bag or car seat. It’s a great travel accessory with various colors to choose from.

3.    NIDO NEST Travelfriendz Kids Neck Pillows for Travel

Always ready for adventure. This fancy little ladybug pillow is made from soft microbeads, ensuring that it easily molds around your child’s neck supporting their head without necessarily pushing it forward.

It features a zipper cover that is removable and washable, thus maintaining hygiene. Its fabric is not only soft but also cool to wear, preventing your young one from getting hot and sweaty.

NIDO NEST Travelfriendz Kids Travel Pillows for Airplane - Cute U-Shaped Neck Pillow for Cars, Toddlers, Children Birthday Gifts - Pig

It’s ideal for long car rides, with a snap feature at the back, which allows it to easily attach to your bag or at the back of the car seat. It’s a comfy and cute kid-sized animal pillow that comes in a range of cute animal designs: owl, frog, pig, bumblebee, and ladybug patterns.

4.    U-shaped Kids Travel Pillow.

This cute neck pillow for kids comprises ultra-soft short plush and pp cotton. This makes it soo cuddly and comfortable, reducing the friction to your tot’s soft and sensitive skin.

Thanks to its u-shape, this polypropylene-filled neck pillow will provide optimal support to your young one’s neck, head, and chin, preventing their head from tilting on the seat.

Kids Travel Pillow Animal Neck Pillow Support U Shaped Cushion Plush for Airplane Train Child's Neck Pillow for Kids Adults-White Cow

It has a variety of adorable designs to choose from. These are a cute panda, yellow tiger, pink pig, black cat, red strawberry, and green frog.

The panda u-shaped neck pillow is better used without a car seat as it is quite a bulky one.

5.    COOLBEBE Kids Neck Travel Pillow

With a 360-degree head neck support, this car travel pillow will better fix your kid’s neck, relieving neck pain during travels. It’s a U-shaped neck pillow made of 100% pique fabric, making it more breathable and dry.

Its side rear is thick and widened with a thin back to prevent your young one’s head from falling forward. It is 100 % machine washable with an adjustable snap button allowing your little one the support they need as it conforms to their every position.

COOLBEBE Kids Neck Travel Pillow, Remarkable Head Chin Neck Support U-Shaped Animal Pillows for Child, Toddlers – Relax and Sleep Soundly Anytime Anywhere

It also saves space thanks to its ergonomic design that allows it to hang on any loop or secure on a bag, thus not a piece of extra luggage.

6.    Memory Foam Animal Travel Pillow

This cute memory foam animal travel pillow features a premium soft plush cloth and an upgraded cotton fabric.

It’s a memory foam-filled pillow that is sure to provide your little ones with the adequate neck support they need as you undertake that long road/ plane trip. Thanks to its advanced five-second rebound technology, it will offer your little one the ultimate relaxation.

Memory Foam Animal Travel Pillow, Comfortable Neck Pillow with Cute Eye Mask Lightweight Traveling Pillow for Airplane, Car, Train, Bus and Home Use (Frog)

It has an ergonomic design that will ensure your tot’s head is well supported and does not keep flopping forward. It is lightweight and portable and comes with an eye mask and a bag for storage. It can also fold to ½ its size for better storage.

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