Awesome Road Trip Trivia Games

Are you tired of always hearing the same chorus of “are we there yet?” every time you are on a family road trip?

Whilst a few rounds of eye-spy and nursery rhymes might cut it for road trip entertainment with your under 5’s, as your kids grow older, there are far more exciting and challenging games you can play in the car.

One of the best ways to pass the time on a family road trip is by playing trivia games.

Playing trivia games on a long drive will keep everyone in the family entertained and help improve everyone’s cognitive skills and problem-solving abilities, making you and your family mentally strong.

Having a list of trivia games and apps ready for a long car ride is one of our family road trip essentials!

All of these will help you stimulate conversations and provide hours of fun for the journey ahead.

Trivia Game Apps You Can Download

Road trip games have come a long way, won’t you agree?

If you are on a family journey, and that boredom is creeping in, it sounds like it’s time to mix things up and get the whole family involved.

With all the evolving technology has done, you now have a million games at your fingertips with your phone (and yes, some of them are offline, just in case you are headed to the mountains and out of wifi range)!

Your phone app store has a lot of games to choose from for road trip entertainment. To help you narrow it down, these are the 5 top-rated trivia games we think will be ideal for a family road trip to suit different family interests and game styles.

You can play them on your iPhone, iPad, or any Android digital device.

Here are some of the best trivia mobile apps you can download before your journey: 

1. Jeopardy! World Tour (Google Play Store | Apple App Store)

Recommend for ages 4+ (PEGI 3)

Jeopardy is one of the latest mobile apps and one of the greatest trivia games of all time. With the World Tour game, you don’t have to worry if your phone loses service as it has an offline mode.

How This Game Works

This classic game allows you to go head to head with players worldwide or in the same car. It features a multiple-choice question format with various difficulty levels.

With Jeopardy! World tour, you will be taken for a ride across the globe, testing your game show trivia in different cities, squaring off against other opponents while unlocking better prizes and rewards.

2. SongPop 2: Guess The Song Game (Google Play Store | Apple App Store)

Recommended for ages 12+(PEGI 16)

No road trip is complete without some top tunes playing in the background. With this app, you can have an online audience as you compete.

How This Game Works

This game allows you to take a musical quiz as you play online with other players worldwide. The app randomly selects songs from all musical styles, and it’s your job to guess them. Get the song right, and you score a point.

3. Popcorn Trivia (Google Play Store | Apple App Store)

Recommend for ages 12+ (PEGI 16)

Are you on a road trip with movie buffs? Then this trivia for car rides game got you! Popcorn Trivia is free to play and features a vast library of movie trivia questions from different genres.

How This Game Works

In popcorn trivia, you compete with friends by answering questions from films/ genres. You get to win with every correct answer, earning ranks and climbing from a lowly cleaning crew member to a powerful studio head!

Points you get earn bonuses that you can use on lifelines for those extra hard questions.

4. Psych! Outwit Your Friends (Google Play Store | Apple App Store)

Recommended for ages 12+ (PEGI 12)

Get psyched with this classic, fun car trivia game. Psych is a great and simple game to play online with friends.

How This Game Works

In Psych, you must come up with the craziest answers to your friends’ wacky queries or make up fake answers to real trivia questions to score. It is a fun guessing game that involves everyone on the road but the driver.

You can also connect your smartphones to play this hilarious game that swiftly makes the hours go by.

5. Trivia Crack (Google Play Store | Apple App Store)

Recommended for ages 4+ (PEGI 3)

Looking for an ideal companion while on the road with your family? Trivia crack has quizzes and games that will keep your family entertained on the journey.

How This Game Works

This fun trivia question for a car ride is adjustable for different levels. The trivia crack is meant to test your knowledge on a wide range of topics like; pop culture, history, geography, arts, science, and sports. You get to prove you are the smartest by not only answering the trivia queries but also by suggesting multiple quiz questions.

The first player to correctly answer the questions in all six categories is crowned the winner.

Road Trip Trivia Games You Can Buy

Road trip trivia games are lots of fun and the best way to pass the time on a long journey. If you don’t want to worry about network reception or want to keep your road trip screen-free, then try these are great games you can purchase in advance of your road trip and keep as part of your road trip entertainment pack:

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1. I Should Have Known That!

Hygge Games ...I should have known that! Trivia Game Green

Does your squad think they are brainy? In this trivia, game green will tell who the master is. This trivia game will involve everyone in the car and has a contrast. Instead of members gaining points when they answer correctly, points are distracted for every incorrect answer you give.

The last person with the least deducted points wears the crown. It is a matter of time before a player goes, “ahh, I should have known!” it’s an addictively entertaining game that includes 110 cards with more than 400 hundred questions.

Recommended for ages 14+

2. Do You Really Know Your Family?

Do You Really Know Your Family? A Fun Family Game Filled with Conversation Starters and Challenges - Great for Kids, Teens and Adults

Do you really know your family? It is a great trivia car game that promises lots of laughter and getting to learn from each other.

This trivia game will sparkle exciting conversations as you answer questions about each other. It is also full of silly challenges that you perform together.

It’s a game that will keep everyone entertained during the road trip.

Recommended for ages 8+

3. Pressman Charade For Kids

Charades for Kids Snap Box - The 'No Reading Required' Family Game in A Compact Travel Case by Pressman

Is your squad a little younger and bored to their last wits whenever you have car rides? Boredom will be a thing of the past with this excellent trivia game that involves them.

This classic game has cards that have clues with pictures ensuring your non-readers also get to be entertained. It includes three levels of play; therefore, even your elder kids will not be left out of the fun.

With this game, they will also be able to kill the muscle tension that tends to build up while traveling, including moving around as they act out clues.

Recommended for ages 4+

4. Family Feud Trivia Box Card Game

Trivia Box Card Game (6030654)

This trivia box version will ensure time flies; you have reached your destination before you all know it. With this spin master game, you can play the popular tv show in real life!

It includes 203 game cards with instructions and toys, i.e., stop light, sound electronic, game answer buzzer, and a countdown timer.

Recommended for ages 8+

5. Spin Master Hedbanz Picture Guessing Board Game

Spin Master Hedbanz Picture Guessing Board Game New Edition, for Families and Kids Ages 8 and up

The picture-guessing board game is a fun road trip question game that will engage the whole family and elicit lots of excitement. When it’s your turn to play, you have to flip over the timer and start asking yes/no queries to figure out the card shown in your headband.

It includes 13 scoring badges, three sample question cards, six headbands, 69 picture cards, a one-timer, and instructions.

Recommended for ages 6+

Use Your Imagination: DIY Trivia Games For Road Trips

So you’ve got no internet and no games with you? Fear not; there are still loads of imaginative trivia games you can play with no props or prompts.

We have researched and compiled a list of 10 road trip trivia games you can play with the kids to ensure the car adventure seems like a breeze.

1. Would You Rather?

Here’s a kid-friendly exercise that can be an absolute blast with the adults involved. It’s a game that requires car ride trivia questions that you can either take turns answering or direct the query to one person.

Each question must follow the “would you rather format”, ensuring that the question presents a severe dilemma – real-life or utterly absurd and imaginary. With this ultimate either-or-question game, you learn more about each other.

You can find a great set of “would you rather?” questions perfect for kids of all ages to download here.

2. Name The Artist

The first person to name the artist when a song gets played on the radio earns a point.

You will need a great playlist that will probably serve a significant portion of the journey. The person with the most points at arrival is the winner.

3. The Bad Movie Plot

Do you all love movies? Then this game will make the long car ride bearable.

In this game, the host thinks of a movie and describes it in the worst way possible. The first person to guess the film correctly becomes the host.

4. Two Truths And A Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a classic road trip trivia question that is always entertaining and a great game to get to know your family members. One passenger starts off the game by giving three statements. In the statements, two are true, while one is a lie. Everyone tries to determine which information is wrong, and the first to get it wins.

5. Spelling Bee

Who doesn’t want to prove that they are the best at spelling? Not me! With this game, you get to set a timer for the one assigned to spell. There is a host who gives out the words and starts off the timer.

The best part of the spelling bee game is that all ages can be involved as the host switches from hard to easy spelling words.

6. 21 Questions

21 Questions is a classic game everyone on the road will surely enjoy. It is a game of deduction that requires the other passengers to guess the place, thing, or person the host player is thinking of. The guessing has a maximum of 21 questions to determine the answer correctly.

As the rest of the players ask up to 21 questions to determine what the host player thinks of, the host responds with a simple yes/no to each question.

The one who guesses correctly within the 21 questions becomes the host.

7. The Movie Game

Most families have movie nights; bring all that “action” to your road trip to kill the boredom. The movie game will offer tons of fun for your movie-loving squad.

In this game, members will take turns naming movies and their actors until one of the participants is stumped.

The first assigned player starts the game by naming a movie, the next in line must name an actor in the film, and the next player must name another movie in which the named actor also stars.

This continues until one who can’t think of an actor or movie is eliminated. The last player standing is the winner.

8. Category ABC

Category ABC is a straightforward game for car rides that will entertain your little ones. You have to choose a player that will start off the game. The first player must select a category and name something that begins with the letter A.

The following person in line also does the same. Only their answer should begin with the letter B. The next person is in charge of letter C, and this goes on. For example, if the category were “food,” it would be Apricot, banana, cake, and so on.

9. Fortunately, Unfortunately

Looking for a game that requires imagination and will involve the young ones too? Fortunately, unfortunately, will do just that! It is a fun and easy game that requires crazy and imaginative minds.

The first player makes a statement that has to begin with the word “fortunately.” The next player must follow that statement with a statement starting with “unfortunately.” This goes on becoming crazy until there’s a member who cannot come up with a statement.

10. The Name Game

Pick your category and see how long you can keep naming things or places until you run out of ideas! The next word must begin with the last letter of the word before, without any repeats.

For example, you could choose animals; person one says “Cat”, person two says “Tiger, Person three says “Rabbit” – person four cannot say Tiger, or they’re out; the game keeps going until no one can think of a new word.

If you’ve exhausted animals, try countries, cities, actors, band names, the list goes on!

We hope you’ve found something here that will kill some hours on the road and keep your brains stimulated and perhaps get to know your friends and family you’re traveling with a little better!

Don’t forget we’ve got a huge list of road trip toy ideas over here too, and our selection of the best podcasts for family road trips – great for listening to as a family or on individual listening devices.

What are your favorite trivia games for the car? We’d love to hear your suggestions too.

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